Make friends with understanding, affection and Wing Chun.
Martial Art is the art of stopping conflicts: our first priority in the pursuit of Wing Chun is not to hurt the opponent's body, but to win the opponent's heart.
Don't be afraid of making mistakes, including, of course, mistakes in English. The more mistakes you make, the faster you improve yourself.
It doesn't take a genius to learn Wing Chun well (because Wing Chun itself is a genius); it only takes a persistent and passionate worker.

Wing Chun Glossary

English 中文
Bill Jee (Biu Jee) 標指
Bong Sau 膀手
Centre-line Kick 正身腳
Centre-line Punch 直拳 (正身日字衝拳)
Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) 黐手
Chuen Sau 穿手
Chum Kiu 尋橋
Fak Sau (Fark Sau) Fak, Fark (音)手
Fook Sau 伏手
Gaung Sau (Gaang Sau) 挭手
Gum Sau 撳手
Huen Sau 圈手
Jeet Sau 截手
Jum Sau 枕手
Jut Sau 窒手
Kau Sau 搆手
Lan Sau 攔手
Lap Sau 擸手
Leverage Theory 槓桿理論
Man Sau (Mun Sau) 問手, 探手
Nat Sau 捺手
Pak Sau (Park Sau) 拍手
Pivot 轉馬
Po Pai Sau 抱排手
Sil Lim Tao (Siu Nim Tau) 小念頭
Stance 馬步
Stepping forward 上馬, 上腳
Support Leg at the back 坐後馬, 座後馬
Tan Sau (Tarn Sau) 攤手
Wooden Dummy 木人樁
Wu Sau 護手