Make friends with understanding, affection and Wing Chun.
Martial Art is the art of stopping conflicts: our first priority in the pursuit of Wing Chun is not to hurt the opponent's body, but to win the opponent's heart.
Don't be afraid of making mistakes, including, of course, mistakes in English. The more mistakes you make, the faster you improve yourself.
It doesn't take a genius to learn Wing Chun well (because Wing Chun itself is a genius); it only takes a persistent and passionate worker.


開課後仍然繼續招生,歡迎參觀或免費試學一堂 (無附帶條件)。

宗旨: 教授最純正 (葉問—梁相) 詠春拳,對自衛、強身 (纖體) 及提升智力極有幫助。我們曾舉辦非常成功的「學詠春、學英文」計劃,得到四份報章專題報導 (詳情可按入左側的 Media Publications (中/ENG) 網頁)。

課程: 小念頭、尋橋、標指、黐手、木人樁、六點半棍、八斬刀。

江覺峰師父—師從梁相恩師 (葉問宗師大弟子、李小龍大師兄) 多年,曾任梁相詠春國術會主席,有三十年詠春學習及教授經驗。



旺角砵蘭街329號3樓 (貝爾窗簾樓上)

逢星期二下午七時半至九時半 (招生)


旺角砵蘭街329號3樓 (貝爾窗簾樓上)

逢星期五晚上七時半至九時半 (招生)


旺角砵蘭街329號3樓 (貝爾窗簾樓上)

逢星期六早上十時至十二時 (招生)

學費: 初級班每月 500元。中級班每月 500元。


查詢電話: 97662217 (江覺峰師父)

About kongkwokfung

Welcome to our big family of Wing Chun! My name in Chinese is 江覺峰. I am married with two adult daughters. In 1969 I started learning Wing Chun from my Sifu Leung Sheung (first student of Grandmaster Ip Man in Hong Kong and eldest Kung-fu brother of Bruce Lee) and became the chairman of Leung Sheung Wing Chun Association until he died in 1978. Since then I have been teaching Wing Chun part-time most of the time until now. I received my primary, secondary and university education in Hong Kong, and served as a secondary English teacher for nearly 20 years before I went to Australia in 1994 with my family. Unable to find a job, I ran an ice-cream shop for 4 years and it had to close down, and I had to eat all the unsold ice-cream, which nearly killed me. The good side was that I got my Master Degree in Applied Linguistics in Australia. Recently I returned to Hong Kong. My Sifu often said, “You find me, you are lucky.” I hope that I can say the same to my students in future.
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